Caring for your Christmas Tree

One of the most important things to help keep your tree as fresh as possible and prolong its needle holding ability is to have a water holding tree base along with the following simple steps:

  1. As soon as you arrive home, cut 2cm from the base of the trunk and place in a bucket of water like you would a cut flower.
  2. Store your tree outside in a damp, shady place in the bucket of water until you are ready to put your tree up in the home.
  3. To display your tree in your home, place in a water holding tree base, preferably away from radiators or direct heat.
  4. And don't forget to check and top up the water for your tree daily as it is surprising how much they can drink!

Water Holding Tree Bases

We have a huge choice of water holding tree bases at the farm. These are essential for keeping your tree nice and fresh. We have a variety of designs to suit all budgets and tree heights:

  • Entry level 'Quick Stands'
  • Cinco range in a variety of height
  • Krinner ratchet stands
  • Decorative cast Iron stands