How to Buy

The Tree Farm is open for tree sales from Saturday 11th November 2023

Freshly cut trees 

Come and view our freshly cut Christmas trees in our brand new display area. We will have a vast array of trees for you to choose from in all types, shapes and sizes. We are cutting trees on a daily basis from our plantations, so we know you will be spoilt for choice. All our tree prices can be found here on our Pricing Page.

Tree types branches

We sell four main varieties of trees 

Nordman Fir

  • NORDMAN FIR: The most popular variety, these are generally very bushy, have thick needles and very good needle holding qualities. They are one of the slowest-growing varieties taking up to 9 year to reach 6’.

Frazer Fir
    • FRAZER FIR: Very good at holding its needles but are quite narrow which is perfect if you are limited on space. They have strong upward branches ideal for hanging heavy decorations. Frazers have quirky irregular shapes so no 2 are ever the same.

    Norway Spruce
    • NORWAY SPRUCE: The traditional Christmas Tree which many people associate with Christmas. This variety have tiny thin needles that used to have a bad reputation for dropping its needles but if kept watered and away from direct heat this tree will hold its needles very well.

    Blue Spruce
    • BLUE SPRUCE: Apart from its distinctive silvery blue colour this variety produces an amazing citrus aroma and is also good at holding its needles. The only draw back is that the needles tend to be more spiky than other varieties.

    Pot Grown Trees

    We also offer a selection of Pot Grown Christmas Trees with roots, these trees are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Being planted in their own pot allows you to water them often and you can also then plant them on in your garden after Christmas or keep them until next year. As your tree grows you will need to transfer them into a larger pot each year to allow for the roots to spread and the tree to continue to grow.

    Pot Grown Trees are limited to only smaller sizes, this is because the pot restricts the size of the rootball and therefore growth beyond a certain height. Their smaller sizes allow them to be displaying on tables, for gifts or around small children. All our prices can be found here.


    Order over the phone

    If you cannot visit the farm we also offer delivery within a 30 mile radius. Order by calling 01858 657008 and we will choose the best tree for you based on your requirements and deliver it direct to your door for a fee. See our postcode calculator for pricing.

    Corporate trees

    We provide trees for businesses, councils and schools. Visit our dedicated Corporate Tree Page here. 

    Fawsley hall

    How to get your tree to your home

    You can either take your tree away with you then and there or have it delivered on a date suited to you (48 hours notice required). Alternatively you can come back and collect it during the week at a time to suit. Weekend collection by prior arrangement only.

    Please visit our Tree Delivery Page to find out delivery charges to your postcode.

    Tree bases & how to look after your freshly cut tree

    Find out about the importance of having a water holding tree base and how to care for your Christmas Tree here.

    Cinco Tree base